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GLMall - A Decentralized E-Commerce Marketplace

To showcase the power of Blockchain, we have built the world's first decentralized online marketplace. Its blockchain based back-end allows users to enjoy free, fast and safe crypto transactions in daily e-commerce.

Project Overview:

Globra, in partnership with GAMB – Power to the Merchants, offer online sellers and buyers a new and innovative marketplace solution for decentralized e-commerce (de-commerce) called GLMall. This new blockchain based e-commerce marketplace offers a new spin on traditional online business by enabling online sellers and their customers to perform daily e-commerce in fiat or crypto, fast, free, and safely. The unique point to GLMall is that merchants with established online shops like Shopify, WooCommer and Gambio, can integrate their shop fast and easy into GLMall and start expanding their userbase by linking back to their online shop, or start selling their products in crypto without any transaction fees directly on GLMall. To do so, Globra uses a proprietary parallel chain system between its own Skyfiber blockchain and the Ethereum blockchain. In partnership with GAMB, Globra has created a “clone” coin (GMBT – run on skyfiber), to a publicly traded ECR-20 parent token (GMB – listed on KuCoin). This revolutionary and patent-pending parallel token solution allows crypto payments without any blockchain-related transfer or gas fees and is the key to implementing efficient crypto payments in daily e-commerce.

The GLMall Marketplace:

This blockchain based online marketplace allows merchants to either integrate an existing or set up an online shop to take advantage of the parallel chain solution and transaction cost free e-commerce. For seamless integration and global adoption of this solution, GLMall is in the process to integrate with some of the biggest online shop providers such as Shopify and WooCommerce. The GLMall marketplace’s native coin is the GMBT, which can be obtained through swapping ETH, BTC or GMB or purchasing GMBT directly on the GAMB Marketplace through Fiat (bank transfer or credit cards or PayPal). This provides the additional benefit of lowering the currently still high barriers to entry for non-crypto savvy users.


Globra Website:

GAMB Website:

GLMall Marketplace:

GMB Listing on KuCoin:


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