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GAMB - Power to the Merchants

Enabling blockchain based decentralized e-commerce through a unique parallel chain solution eliminating transaction cost and time from daily crypto transactions.

GAMB Power to the Merchants, in partnership with GLMall, offer an online marketplace enabling merchants and their customers to perform daily e-commerce in crypto. To do so, GAMB uses a parallel token, called the GMBT, to its listed coin the GMB.

This revolutionary and patent-pending parallel token solution, based on GMall’s unique skyfiber blockchain, allows crypto payments without any blockchain-related transfer or gas fees and is the key to implementing crypto payments in daily e-commerce.

The total number of GMB created has already been issued, and the same number of GMBT, the parallel transfer token, have been created. For any one active GMBT being used for payments on the marketplace, one GMB is locked on the blockchain until a re-swap occurs. This directly limiting impact on GMB liquidity, created through increased use of the GMBT on the Marketplace, forms an organically value-driving token economy.

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